First practice

Fell asleep early yesterday but a quite impressive thunderstorm woke me up just after nine. Ear plugs were of no help. Only fell back asleep around midnight so didn’t get much sleep as the alarm woke me up just before 3 am. We arrived at the shala just before the boss himself came walking down the street from his new house. Prakash was still asleep so Sharath had to call on him to wake him up so that he would open the door and the gate. The group is still not so big, nobody had to practice in the changing rooms and there were space left between the mats, which is all very nice. Maybe this and the fact that Sharath himself was queing with us to get in to the shala made the entrance much less aggressive than it usually is. Hopefully it stays like this. Practice was very sweaty even though I took it fairly easy as I’m still not feeling 100%. Before the led class started Sharath reminded us, as always, not to come too early and to keep our cards with us by the mat. And as usual there was a few “why you hurrying?” and other classical remarks By Sharath. And a few latecomers who probably didn’t know about shala time.

Chanting class also started today. Had missed that completely but Maija came to our rescue again, calling us about 30 minutes before the class was to start. We might also have chanting tomorrow, I’m not sure as I couldn’t hear what Laksmish was saying as there were a few a little too loud children in the room. Whether there will be a level 3 Sanskrit class still remains unclear, “we will discuss next week” was Laksmish’s reply when I asked him about it.

After lunch at the Green Hotel with Anni and Maija the day was almost spent. I did spend some time trying to remind myself of the dance choreography but it’s tiresome as it’s so hot. But I need to try to keep it in memory and learn it better so best to do a little dancing every few days.

bild 1 bild 2 bild 3

Green Hotel, always an oasis of peace and especially beautiful this year with more flowers than I’ve ever seen before, probably due to much rain of late.

Led class after all

So it seems that we are starting with led class after all. In fact there is led class until Monday. At 4.30 am for the 4.30-5-5.30 groups. We would have missed it completely but luckily someone told Maija who then called us.

Breakfast at Santosha, cleaning of the kitchen, lunch at Dhatu, some more shopping for necessities and it’s time to sleep. But as I couldn’t sleep until 1.30 am last night I’m not too hopeful that I will get enough sleep tonight. Also I’m  bit nervous about the practice as I’ve been so tired lately. I might just collapse during Navasana…

Settling in

Even though I’ve been planning this trip for months already I still didn’t quite feel mentally ready to go when the time came to head for the airport. But ready or not, there was really nothing else to do than to get my ass on the plane. The flight to Delhi went by pretty fast and after some tired waiting in Delhi Anni and I got on the flight to Bangalore. We slept all the way. We slept most of the taxi ride to Mysore as well, finally arriving in tha late afternoon after almost 24 h of travelling. The flat, that I’m again sharing with the lovely Anni, is nice and spacious and after we get it cleaned up a bit I think we will feel quite at home here. It’s located a bit further from the shala than last year so scooters are necessary but our landlord is very kind and has arranged scooters for us.

Although I’ve been in India many times before I always seem to forget how slowly some things happen here. Nevertheless we managed to get our box from Shiva yesterday evening and I exchanged some money. We seem to have arrived just in time as registration to practice with Sharath started this morning at 8. Of course there was already a crowd at 7.30 but people kept dropping in till after 10 o’clock. The boss himself only arrived after 9 am to get our registrations and collect the fees so we spent over two hours waiting before we were done. Up til it was our turn everybody seemed to have gotten the 4.30 am start time but we got 5.30 am, same as last year. In a way I was hoping for 4.30 as well, just because it’s cooler then. But 5.30 is fine. And for the led classes we are in the 4.30 group. Last year we started with a couple of led classes but now it seems that we start with Mysore-style practice on Wednesday.

After a late breakfast with Anni and Maija we all headed for the phone guy to get our Indian SIM-cards, which will hopefully work from tomorrow, and then we went shopping. Some stuff we had from last year but still we unfortunately ended up buying a lot of the same stuff as last year as not everything could be packed in the box. Then we spent a few hours cleaning our rooms but still there’s the kitchen and the big hall left. Maybe tomorrow.

In the evening we went to Gokul Chats for our first paper dosas this year. It was delicious. Now this is what a dosa should taste like!bild (3)

Just wait a while,
turn your back and
remember what you have forgotten.
Try to find if you’ve lost, 
apologize if you’ve hurt,
forgive if you have been hurt.
Because life is too short.

- Rumi -

Three more nights

While Saturday, when I’m leaving for Mysore, is quickly drawing closer, the thought of actually leaving still feels somewhat unreal. Truth be told, I’m not that excited, I don’t look forward to it very much. On the other hand I am very happy to get a change in scenery.

Maybe the difference is that last year I was so eager to go. But last year my situation was completely different. I had just finished my PhD and the writing of a review article and I was dying to get away from it all. After one year of being unemployed and after starting to actually want to go back to work (no luck yet…) my situation is completely different now. The urge to get away is not the same and not as great, even if there is one. Also there’s a tiredness in my body right now. Maybe it’s the flu waiting to hit me, or maybe it’s something else or nothing at all, but for the last few weeks my body has been tired. I’m sure I’ll change my mind at some point but for now I actually look forward to that first week of just primary and after that just primary and some of second. Also I won’t mind the warmth because now it’s getting cold here in Finland. Parts of the country got its first snow already (!) and at +5 degrees and a lot of wind Helsinki felt very cold yesterday.

As always I’m having difficulties in deciding what to bring and what not to so I’ll probably end up packing too much, again. But then be it so. Four days and three nights left, see you soon Mother India!



And sometimes it’s fun to play around a bit while outside. Would be easier with someone else holding the camera though ;)IMG_4140





Fall colors…





…the sea that always calls to me when I’m far away…


…and a clear blue sky.

Some days that’s all I need.