Weekend in Århus

I spent last weekend in Århus, Denmark, visiting a very dear friend of mine. Århus turned out to be a nice place with a lot of super cute little houses. It reminded me a little of an English village, but in a larger scale. It was great to spend some time with Suvi, catching up on everything.

IMG_4581 IMG_4608 IMG_4605 IMG_4606 IMG_4604 IMG_4594 IMG_4607 IMG_4603 IMG_4602 IMG_4601

Suvi took me to the local yoga shala on Sunday. It’s always nice to have to opportunity to get a taste of the local yoga community when travelling. The teacher, Tanja Sofie, has recently opened a new shala, a nice space with lots of light and good vibes and I really enjoyed my practice there.

IMG_4614 IMG_4613

On Sunday we also went to ARoS, an art museum with a nice rainbow panorama thing on the roof.

IMG_4616 IMG_4618 IMG_4625 IMG_4627 IMG_4629 IMG_4630 IMG_4631

Lovely sunshine on the roof


Århus from above


Monday was very foggy and possibly the reason for delayed and missd fligths. Thumbs down for the SAS service in Århus and the slow transfer service in Copenhagen, which almost made me miss the flight I’d been rebooked on after missing my direct flight to Helsinki but eventually I finally landed in Helsinki, 4 hours late, after a lot of waiting and a change in my flight plan that took me via Stockholm to Helsinki.


Mamma ♥

Last weekend the whole family met up in Stockholm (travelling from Helsinki, Turku, Vasa and Kokkola by plain and ferry) to celebrate my mum turning 60. It was a short but sweet visit, especially for me and Arttu who only flew in on Friday evening and had to leave on Sunday morning. But we had a great time and I’m sure we will all cherish the memory of spending this time together.

IMG_2833On Friday we had Lebanese food, it was delicious!

IMG_2820Mamma ♥

IMG_2840Mum and dad with Ylva at Junibacken

IMG_2845Vidar at Junibacken, the perfect place for a child his age but I can’t imagine what it’s like in the summer when it’s high season as it was packed already in March.

IMG_2911Saturday evening dinner at the restaurant Ulla Winbladh. The food was superb!

IMG_2950IMG_2958IMG_3007IMG_2935Vidar ♥

IMG_3004And Ylvis ♥

This weekend is much more low-key. Went to the movies yesterday and today I worked at the yoga shop for a few hours and later I took a long walk in the sun. I clearly do that too seldom (take a walk, that is) because come 8 pm and I’m beat. Too much fresh air. But I’m already looking forward to next weekend when I’ll be travelling to Århus in Denmark to visit one of my dearest friends, Suvi. Can’t wait for Friday to arrive!

What I love about ashtanga yoga is that it continues to challenge me. Most days you do your practice and keep working on different things and not much out of the ordinary happens. But then occasionally there’s the rare breakthrough in a difficult pose. And then you might not be able to do it again for a while but at least you know it’s possible. And when you’ve finally mastered a difficult pose it’s time to take it to the next level. It never ends. You’re never done.

Karandavasana has been and continues to be the biggest challenge in my yoga practice. Last night I dreamt that I almost lifted it on my own. Well, that might actually never happen and I still can’t even land it on my own but maybe it was some kind of omen. For almost two years now I’ve struggled with this pose and my tight hips, which makes doing lotus without the help of my hands very difficult. At some point it became possible to do the lotus the wrong way (left leg first) in headstand. Later it became possible to do it the right way (right leg first) in headstand, although this is still not possible every day. Recently I started being able to do the lotus the wrong way in Pincha Mayurasana and so I’ve mostly been practicing Karandavasana the “wrong way” when doing it without help. But slowly, slowly all is coming and today, totally unexpectedly, I was suddenly able to do the lotus the right way in Pincha. It was everything but a tight lotus but still, this is such a huge step for me, one that I thought was still a long time away. And I probably won’t be able to repeat it on Sunday, but maybe some other day next week or the week after that. With time the lotus will become possible more often, will hopefully get tighter and one day I might even be able to land the duck on my own.

Another huge challenge is my newest asana, Visvamitrasana (or Vasisthasana, there seems to be some confusion about which one is which of the two first asanas of the third series), which I’ve been working on for just over a week now. It’s a difficult asana and it’s killing my shoulders but with time also that one will get easier. That’s also one thing about ashtanga yoga. You might think that you’re strong or flexible or whatever but then comes the next asana and kicks your ass and you realize how weak you really are. It’s very humbling.

Words of wisdom

Laruga posted this perfect quote on her blog today and I just had to repost it. This is the essence of what I’ve been trying to tell myself lately. What I’ve been hoping to hear from someone else also in times of doubt. And there the words suddenly were:

Here’s some very good news. 

Right here, right now, in this moment, you don’t have to ‘figure out’ the rest of your life, no matter what anyone says. 

You don’t need all the answers. They will come, in time, or not, or perhaps the unnecessary questions will fall away. 

There is no rush. Life is not in a hurry. Be like the seasons. Winter is not trying to become summer. Spring does not rush towards autumn. The grass grows at its own pace. 

The choices that will be made will be made, and you’ve no choice about that. The decisions that will happen will happen, events will unfold, but right now perhaps you don’t need to know the solutions or the outcomes or how best to proceed. Perhaps not knowing is a welcome guest at life’s banquet. Perhaps openness to possibility is a beloved friend. Perhaps even confusion can come to rest here. 

And so, instead of trying to ‘fix’ our lives, instead of trying to neatly resolve the unresolvable and quickly complete the epic story of a fictitious ‘me’, we simply relax into utter not knowing, unravelling in the warm embrace of mystery, sinking deeply into the moment, savoring it fully, in all its uniqueness and wonder. 

And then, perhaps without any effort, without any struggle or stress, without ‘you’ being involved at all, the true answers will emerge in their own sweet time.”

(Jeff Foster)


Sometimes you just wish that you’d taken the time to wash your hair.

Not for the sake of the cleanliness of the hair but for the time it takes.

By spending 10 minutes more in one place you might just avoid wasting time and money in another place.

Next time I will wash my hair.