Cows outside our house as we were leaving for Kukkarahalli Lake this morning. Yesterday both Anni and I walked, today Sari joined us and while the other two walked I run a final lap around the lake.

IMG_6120 IMG_6121

We saw this huge spider as we were leaving the lake. Was it real? I’m still not sure.


A bit later Anni, Maija and I met up with Sami, Eeva, Alisa, Anna, Taina and Matti at Silent Shores Resort & Spa. This is a luxury spa with a nice pool area suitable for children. The scooter ride was maybe 15-20 min, so much further than Regalis, but still within reach. And pretty easy to find. We had a nice day by the pool even though (or maybe to our luck) it was a bit cloudy.

IMG_6127 IMG_6146 IMG_6131 IMG_6147 IMG_6148 IMG_6143 IMG_6144

New moon and a long weekend

Moon day and no practice and no conference. For me this weekend incidentally turned into a 3-day rest as I didn’t manage to get up for practice yesterday. I wasn’t able to fall asleep on Thursday evening, only finally falling asleep after midnight with the help of a sleeping pill, making me too groggy to get up at 3 am in morning for the led class that had been moved from today to Friday due to today’s moon day.

This week has been sunny and so I’ve spent a few hours at the pool almost every day except yesterday. Today morning was cloudy and so Anni and I decoded to have our first movie experience while here in Mysore. Although an Indian production would have been more exotic we opted for an American production, the 3-hour long movie Interstellar. It was a good movie even though I slept for maybe 10-15 minutes during the first half hour. Sitting down in a dark movie theatre directly after having lunch might do that to some :). And it was the first time in ages, probably since seeing Titanic back in Kokkola in 1997 (?), that I experienced an intermission halfway through the movie during which most people of course loaded up with french fries, popcorn etc. But it was a welcomed toilet break also.bild (13)

With two official days off practice we’ve had the chance to stay out a little later than usual. Last night Anni, Maija, Anna, Sari, Sami and I headed into the city too a roof-top restaurant for a late dinner. A nice experience and something completely out of the ordinary as we are usually in bed by 7 or 8 pm and never go into the city in the evening. Tonight we stayed in Gokulam, enjoying dosas at Gokul Chat and ice cream at Corner House.


No sleep in Mysore

images (9)

Yes, if you could manage to fall asleep. At midnight I gave up and took my sleeping pill but as a result I was too groggy to get up at 3 am for pre-moon day led primary. Not sleeping sucks big time!


Another hot and sunny day and so this was my view for a big part of it.

bild (10)

The day of course started with the led intermediate class in the morning, the second last one and even more crowded today with two persons on the stage. For some stupid reason I woke up already  at 4 am after falling asleep sometime closer to 11 pm. I finally got up to have my coffee (“no coffee, no prana” – Sharath) at 5 am. Luckily I managed to nap for a while after practice and before chanting class, where I then got an immediate headache from someone’s perfume. I wish people would stop using perfumes completely.

After some more coffee and a quick dosa at Hotel Sri Durga Bhavan I headed for the pool at Regalis. It’s okay and it serves it’s purpose bit I’m a bit curious to go check out the Silent Shores Resort and their pool. It’s a bit further away from Gokulam I guess but supposedly nicer. But the price is almost the same. And some variation could be nice.

On my way back home I finally visited the new store on Contour Road, close to Gokul Chats. It’s not very big but they have some nice food items, some of which you can’t find at Loyal World, multigrain and ragi bread baked at the Green Hotel and a lot of fresh vegetables among other things.

Another week gone by

Another week has passed and as everything is about as it has been for the past month I’ve been too lazy to blog. Monday started with led intermediate and the class is now pretty crowded. Four full rows of practitioners of which maybe half makes it to the end. I was not specifically told to stop at Dwi Pada but also not told to continue when I took my mat and headed for the changing room for the finishing postures. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do: to stop or to keep going. As I’ve been doing Dwi Pada in every led intermediate class I finally gathered the courage to do it in Mysore class also on Tuesday. Sharath didn’t seem to mind so I’ve been doing it since.bild (7)

On Wednesday I had an ayurvedic yoga massage by a lovely girl called Despina. It was a very nice and relaxing 2-hour whole body massage and exactly what I needed as I’ve been feeling some general tiredness and stiffness in my body. Despina also did some very specific work on my shoulder and neck, also clearly needed, and I’m going to go back for one more massage before I leave.

On Thursday I went to check out an apartment for my friend who is coming here in January and met the loveliest Indian lady who I bonded with immediately. I met her again yesterday as I went back to pay a deposit for my friend. And as I found out on Thursday that there was a vacant room in the apartment for next month and Anni happened to have a friend in need of a place to stay in December Anni also ended up meeting my new friend today as she went to pay a deposit for the room for her friend. The lady now adores both of us while we also completely adore her.

Between Friday and yesterday I slept only 3 hours (!) but still somehow managed to get thorough led primary at 4.30 am. Luckily I had time for a nap before the conference at 9.30 am. Later in the day I had an appointment with Akash, a physical therapist ( who I’ve heard is very kowledgeable. I’ve been having a shoulder issue for quite some time already and all the primary series I’ve been doing here, especially led primary, seems to aggravate it. No amount of massage has helped for more than a short while so far and nobody has been able to tell me what the problem is. As I had hoped it didn’t take Akash long to figure out my problem. Apparently the pectoralis muscles are too tight (OK, I knew that) and so are also the deltoids while the rhomboids are too week. This leads to a wrongful shoulder position that causes pain when strained too much. I guess the situation is the same on both sides even though I only feel the pain on my dominant right side. After some very painful trigger point pressure treatment I got some exercises to do that should help relax and stretch the pectoralis and deltoids and strengthen the rhomboids. I also got some advice on how to correct my posture to avoid future back pain due to my lumbar lordosis and how to work the body better in forward bends. Today my right shoulder is really tender but I definitely recommend Akash to anyone with some physical issues that normal massage won’t take care of.

bild (8)

On Saturday afternoon almost the whole Finnish crew met up in Pascucci for food, coffee and cake and in the evening some of us attended the first kirtan of the season held at the Blue House.

The beginning of the week was hot but mostly cloudy. On Wednesday and Thursday we had a little rain in the afternoon and on Friday it was pouring down big time as I was having coffee and cake with Anni and Maija at Barista. And after waiting for sun and blue sky for a whole week we woke up to the most beautiful morning today. After a run around the lake and a late breakfast Anni, Maija and I hit the pool at Regalis. Anna also joined us there later. I hope we can get at least a few more days by the pool before it’s time to head back home, my tan still needs some work :)

Remember this?IMG_5482

After the toe incident in August I was pretty sure that the nail would come lose at some point. I’ve tried to prolong cutting lose the old nail as long as possible but today it had to happen. Only it’s still attached at one point at the edge of the toe and so there’s little piece of old nail left. Pretty disgusting, isn’t it?bild (9)

Two weeks from now I’m already back in Helsinki. Don’t really know how I feel about that except for the fact that I miss having a washing machine and will be glad to be back to having one.

Father’s Day

Though I’m far away you are in my heart ♡


Another few days have passed with practice, seeing friends over meals, Saturday conference (last week there was no conference), a few long and lovely talks with friends over Skype and today morning a 6 km walk around the lake and in the afternoon a little pool time. Time suddenly passes quickly and in three weeks I’ll just be returning back home and life will inevitably take a  somewhat new turn, hopefully for the better. And I’m already looking forward to Christmas and to spending time with my family.

Cooking class, Chamundi Hills, Sanskrit, friends and a flood

Suddenly there’s a lot of things going on. Several friends from Helsinki have arrived during the past week, brightening and refreshing our days with their company. Also two Sanskrit classes started, a completely new Sanskrit discussion class as well as third level Sanskrit. So far I’m completely lost in both, we’ll see how it goes and if I can keep them up.

New home


Street sign




Common areaIMG_5990


My roomIMG_5994

Led intermediate on Monday after tho days of rest was nice, although there were a few long holds when Sharath made us all wait when someone was too quick or not doing something correctly. Again I practiced up to Dwi Pada but was then told to stop. Otherwise practice has been nice but definitely feels very short. In Mysore class Sharath still keeps me at Eka Pada. It’s somewhat frustrating because there’s nothing wrong with my Eka Pada, Dwi Pada is the one I need to work on, but whatever, we’ve only got three more weeks left here.

On Tuesday I attended another one of Anu’s cooking classes. This time we learned how to prepare dhal, lemon rice and sweet pumpkin. Anu also made energy balls for all of us. Tuesday was also a day of water leakages. In the morning I manged to flood the kitchen floor with drinking water when the tap on the drinking water container came lose. Later in the day I noticed that one of the taps in my bathroom was leaking. By the time the plumber came the whole tap had come loose from the wall, spraying water all over the floor until the water tank on the roof was empty. At least the plumber was almost on time and fixed the tap quickly.

Masala box – new cooking class, new spices


Curry leafs and red chilisIMG_5999

Sweet pumpkin cookingIMG_6001

Yesterday was pool-day again and today Maija, Anni and I took a little trip to Chamundi Hills as there was no practice today due to the full moon. We left at 8 am, taking a rickshaw to the Nandi bull statue half-way up the hill. The Nandi bull is considered a vahana, or “vehicle”, for Lord Shiva. There’s a stairway of 1008 stairs leading from the bottom to the top of the hill but we only climbed the upper half, from Nandi to the top where there’s a few temples, Chamundeshwari Temple being the most important one. According to legend Mahishasura, king of the city that is now known as Mysore, was killed by the goddess Chamundeshwari after a fierce battle and the hills are named in the honour of the goddess. Later we took the local bus back to the city center and another from the center back to Gokulam. It was my first time on a local bus here and I was almost dissapointed it wasn’t more crowded.

Nandi bull


Some of the 1008 stairs leading up the hill10805681_10152439211643663_2582661317880532046_nbild (2)


Chamundeshwari Temple1489298_10152439211853663_1116948438854543525_nbild (6)1506787_10152439211978663_6446619932092317021_n10368247_10152439212053663_6721799532420713243_n bild (3) bild (4)

The monkey that stole and drank what was left of my Coke. It ripped the Coke right out of my hand and I thought it might be a bad idea not to let go. Also it was a strong monkey!bild (5)


Mentally and physically exhausted as I was I slept for over 10 hours last night. Nothing beats a good nights sleep.

In the morning Maija and I had a fab breakfast at Guru & Sons while everyone else seemed to be at Anokhi’s. Guru & Sons offers a delicious breakfast buffet with fruit, muesli, curd, toast, french toast, pancakes, omelettes, masala dosas, upma, chutney, chai, coffee and more to the bargain price of 200 Rs. Be sure to support these lovely guys who do their very best for you. No lunch needed but paper dosas with my girls in the evening and now I’m hoping for another good nights sleep.

Good night!

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